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StarMark Cabinetry is a leader in the kitchen cabinet and bath vanity market. StarMark has a variety of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities to fit all needs and styles. Get the look you want for your home with StarMark Cabinetry.


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For more than 30 years, Starmark Cabinetry has produced affordable, hand-crafted and environmentally friendly semi-custom cabinets with a wide variety of timeless styles. These American made cabinets are created with attention to detail that provides designers, builders, contractors and homeowners with superior craftsmanship.


By offering numerous embellishments, an amazing spectrum of finishes and thousands of door styles, wood species and finish combinations, Starmark helps everyone fulfill any design vision. The manufacturer is constantly expanding its offerings such as the recent inclusion of walnut to its wood species palette. This American hardwood has a wide color variation ranging from creamy white to a purplish brown with flowing and straight grains.

Like all the many species of wood available through StarMark, Walnut can provide a beautiful natural finish and takes stain very well. Starmark Cabinetry is built to customer specifications in 1/16th of an inch increments, which helps contractors with easier installation without fillers or spacers. Pre-assembly helps contractors and builders install Starmark cabinets quickly and efficiently.


Numerous options for wood species and finishes provide designers and homeowners with the freedom to create kitchen and bath designs that are as beautiful as they are functional. By adding in a wide range of convenient accessories and innovative features available for the choosing, form and function converge to meet the needs of modern living.

Starmark offers a number of product lines with many options and price points that don’t require compromising style or originality. One example is the Starmark Crew Series with a wide variety of popular door styles and finish packages that make quality cabinets even more affordable. Crew Series offers 9 styles in Cherry, Maple or Oak and several finish options.


While Starmark Cabinetry offers overlay and inset construction in different cabinet lines, both are solidly built and deliver a high-end look that is durable and aesthetically beautiful. The characteristically different construction methods of overly and inset cabinets do not affect the performance or the look of the cabinets, but provides designers, contractors and homeowners with different pricing options. No detail is left unattended with Starmark from design and build to the needs of installation. Cabinet sides and face frames are connected with a dado joint rather than a butt joint that maximizes strength and stability. Side to side runners are added to inset cabinetry to keep them square along with captive tops and bottoms for the same purpose. As an extra step, the ends are sand flush to ensure they are smooth.

Starmark proudly stands behind their work with a Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA, Starmark takes pride in being handcrafted, true and square, from people who car’ in Sioux Falls, North Dakota. The design experts at Builders’ General are at your disposal to get started on your dream
kitchen, bathroom or other living space. Make a free design consultation today.