Signature is not just a cabinet manufacturer.

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When it comes to artisan cabinetry, Signature Custom Cabinetry exemplifies the best of craftsmanship that runs from their roots in the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition to their understanding of modern design and lifestyle needs. That blend of dedication to craftsmanship and the use of innovative technology is part of a tradition with this family-run custom cabinetry company.

Quality Craftsmanship and Affordability

Positioning their custom cabinets for mid-range to high-end clients, Signature features stylings ranging from traditional to contemporary to transitional. This friendly, service oriented, and family owned company has been crafting custom cabinetry since 1989. From day one, they’ve hired only the best local craftspeople to work in their Ephrata, Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities. That includes everyone from cabinet makers and finished artisans to the skilled apprentices that are learning at the side of the master craftspeople.

Homeowners can feel and see and feel the care that is built into every Signature cabinet. Signature’s cabinetry lines offer a wide variety of door styles, finishes, and materials. Limitless options are available through their use of custom hand-wiped stain and the boundless paint color options. They can even match your own custom paint colors to meet the needs of designers and homeowners.

Built for Lasting Beauty and Flawless Performance

Signature starts with the finest hardwoods and adds superior blind mortise and tenon joinery to deliver the seamless look and quality feel in their drawers and cabinets. This approach makes for a highly engineered and resilient drawer system that builds on the strength of the hardwoods. The unique French dovetail construction employed by Signature for their casework is one of the standout features that make their cabinetry unique. French dovetails use interlocking male and female components that make for completely self-contained and powerfully solid construction. Signature then uses traditional high-quality adhesives and fasteners that only add to the strength and resiliency of cabinet systems that exude quality with every touch.

Signature Custom Cabinetry always focuses on value to its customers without compromising the quality features. Every Signature drawer uses a high-quality drawer suspension system that is quiet, frictionless, and engineered to last a lifetime. Currently they are now offering BLUMOTION full extension undermount slides with their drawers and cabinets. These full-depth drawer and slides maximize drawer space and provide a luxury feel. The use of above standard ¾-inch wood construction and added full partitions and tops add to their superior strength and stability.

Endless Combinations and Organization Options

In addition to endless drawer and cabinet combinations, you have access to some of the industry’s finest hardware and fixture manufacturers. Signatures has relationships with company’s providing an impressive array of luxury hardware and premium drawer organization options. Each one is designed to integrate seamlessly with their cabinetry to deliver the exact look, feel, and practical use experience that today’s homeowners desire in their kitchens.

Signature: Limited Lifetime Warranties and Integrity

Signature Custom Cabinetry offers custom framed and frameless cabinets that are all offered on an “a la carte” basis and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. That fits in line with one of their core mission statements of always striving to be the best value in custom manufactured cabinetry without compromising quality or custom choices. The design experts at Builders’ General are ready to get you started on your kitchen project. The design consultation is always free. Stop in or call for an appointment. We are here to help.