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Planet Earth – We Got Your Back

At Builders’ General, our team understands the importance of protecting our environment through sourcing and supporting biodegradable, renewable and sustainable products. After all, we have been around for 90 years now and plan on thriving for many more generations. read more

Aerial view of the Edison branch. There are various cars parked all over the parking lot and various buildings are shown.

Builders’ General Location Spotlight: Edison

The success of Builders’ General wouldn’t be possible without the dedication, hard work and undeniable passion coming from our builders store in Edison. One of seven Builders’ General locations spanning Northeastern NJ, Edison is a full-service lumber yard and retail store that prides itself on selling the highest-quality home building supplies. read more

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Insights on Multigenerational Housing To Guide Your Strategy

Multigenerational housing is a rising trend with no end in sight. That makes is pertinent for builders to take this into consideration when planning future projects. We've created this guide to help you position yourself to the growing number of homeowners interested in multigenerational housing.

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