Organize your life & build your dream closets

A custom closet is crucial for maintaining order in your bedroom. Our custom closet design options can take your space to a new level of organization. By maximizing the hidden potential of your closet with a personalized design tailored to you, exceptional storage and organization will become part of your everyday life.

Let’s create a versatile and affordable closet and shelving system to redefine your space and add value in a commercial or residential setting. Lifespan Closets are designed to meet your unique and ever-changing needs. Get the custom closet storage solutions that you require – whether you’re reclaiming space in an existing home or building something new. Lifespan’s closet system is created to allow you the versatility to change your spaces wherever and whenever you need.

Our design consultants will take all of your organization needs into account and collaborate with you to create a closet design to maximize your space and suit the look and feel of your space. The process always starts with your needs—we custom design to fit any project with durable materials within your budget.

Custom Closet Designs By Builders’ General

We provide complimentary design service with expert delivery and installation available at a reasonable fee. Let your space meet its fullest potential. Call or click today to start your very own custom Lifespan Closets project… we’ll help you get it done.


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