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At Builders General, we believe that a broad and deep selection of the best products in the industry is only as good as the support that enables you to make the right selection. Our online showroom is an integral part of assisting every customer to gain detailed insights about all our products based on categories and manufacturers. Whether you’re a custom builder, remodeler or designer working on the job site, or a home owner making plans for that project, Builders’ General has you covered. Our goal is to provide you with convenience, guidance, and support to make plans and decisions in our online showroom as if you were with one of our experts in one of our physical showrooms.

Shopping by Category

Even professionals who know “exactly what they want” need to explore product and solution possibilities for different factors, including cost constraints, project parameters, or adapting to a new construction/product approach. When you shop by product category in our online showroom, you get as little or as much information as you need about the different products, manufacturers, price points, and usage. This makes it easier to make the right decision every time.

We make it easy to learn about the manufacturer, the availability of each of their products, and access easy comparison guides for similar products. You can also find one-click access to the manufacturer’s website to explore even deeper product knowledge. Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a busy contractor, you won’t get bogged down in too much information. We’ve laid things out simply and straightforwardly so you can easily view what you want to learn more about.

Shopping by Brands and Manufacturers

For successful custom builders, designers, and contractors, brand reputation carries a lot of weight through its proven success on project after project. Our online showroom makes it easy to get to the brands you know and trust, and quickly drill down into product categories that they provide. Once again, all the info is just a click away so you can go as deep as you want to make comparisons and learn more about the products and offerings.

Planning Support Through our Project Centers

The best projects are compartmentalized from the planning to the punch list phase, so our project center is an ideal way to keep you on track for a specific project. This can mean everything from a bathroom, kitchen, or deck project to millwork, windows, or paints & stains among others. The Builders’ General project centers keep you on track and help you to efficiently choose everything you’ll need to get the project done quickly, beautifully, efficiently, and cost effectively. The project center works just as well for keeping homeowner projects on track so that you have the support you need to make even the smallest product decisions confidently.

Using Our Buying Guides for Better And Quicker Decisions

In the working project relationship between custom builders, contractors and designers, the homeowner is always in the driver’s seat. Making all those decisions can be difficult for homeowners. But helping them make those decisions can be a big challenge for the professional. Our buying guides are geared to the homeowner whether they are a DIY project person or working with a professional. But this can be an ideal resource for professionals that can use our buying guides to help homeowners make the many decisions that they will have to make. That keeps the project moving forward, on budget and on time so that the pros can get the job done and the homeowner gets the results.

Finding the Latest Bargain in Our Online Bargain Bins

Every home construction pro and DIY enthusiast is looking for a bargain without compromising on quality, and our bargain bins are always a great place to start. Ranging from the perfect-in-the-box product to the slightly dented and scratched, these products cover a wide range. They also change constantly, so it’s good to always check and see if we might have exactly what you’re looking for at a bargain price without sacrificing quality.

Gaining Deeper Insights Through Our Resources Library

Whether you’re a pro or a home project enthusiast, there’s always something to learn that can make your project better. Our resource library helps you to understand the practical aspects of everything from green building terms, processes, and certifications to wood species qualities and product sheets, videos, pictures and installation instructions. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and get the important details that help you up your build, project or design game in ways that deliver ROI, quality and efficiency.

Putting it All Together with an Online Quote Request

Whether you know exactly what you need or require some expert support, our online quote request can get you to the project finish line without missing a beat. Just fill out the form, follow the instructions about clicking on what it is that you need and who you are, and hit send. We’ll quickly get back to you and help you with the expert support to get the final quote for a product list and any related services.

From Idea to Solutions to Services: Builders’ General Has Your Back

At Builders’ General, our goal is to make it easy to get everything that you need without hassle, delays, confusion or undue costs. We’re much more than a one-stop shop for pros and homeowners because we’ve made it easy to get however much or little support you need to get your project from idea to the finish. Our online showroom plays a big part in that by bringing the products, information, and
expertise to you wherever you may be so that you have a virtual showroom experience. Remember that our experts are just a call or a click away if you need additional advice or support. From our Builders General family to yours, we’ve always got your back.

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I am a homeowner in Middletown and we are building a very large deck and portico. Gabriel has been so helpful along the way and on top of everything! My contractor connected me to him and since that time, he has provided great suggestions and lightening fast feedback, quotes and updates on deliveries, etc. My wife and I spent a lot of time running around during the design stage and I wish we met Gabriel earlier in the process. I would encourage you to the Long Branch Design Center. That place is well done and would have saved me a lot of time when I started this project.

John H.

I am writing to you to acknowledge the wonderful Customer Service that Dan Speight provided… I cannot say enough how much Dan was instrumental in helping me to get my order and delivery completed. From the very beginning to getting the final correct pieces, he was always available and there for me. He is a pleasure to work with and he demonstrated what it means to be Customer focused and dedicated to making a customer happy. His contribution to Builders’ General and personal service represents you in the best way possible.


TJ, I’ve been building and remodeling homes for 43 yrs. I’m always trying to improve on what and how we do things and this Framer Series is great. Thanks to you guys at BG for bringing it in.


Builders’ General has a reputation for high-quality products and great service and I totally agree! The service I received from Jerry Klemm and Matt Carter was thorough, courteous and all around excellent. The item came in sooner than promised and the driver was prompt and super careful. Everyone at Builders’ General knows how to treat a customer.


Dan Whitmeyer represents BGS in just about the best I think any sales manager has ever done. Along with having a great attitude, he’s very organized and gets answers to any of my questions with incredible speed. He’s ALWAYS doing whatever he can to solve my material needs, (even on his days off or after hours). I hate to just mention Dan when you have so many great people and it’s not fair to them. Dan truly takes it on his own to do the right thing, (serve your customers with the best, best knowledge, best product, best delivery), but that is exactly what I’ve known to expect over the last 34 years that I have done business with BGS. BGS is the BEST and all of this trickles down from the top, (You and Tim and your entire family wouldn’t have it any other way).


Builders’ General is at the top of their games in providing education for design professionals and contractors. In addition to their product seminars we also deal with them regularly for client projects. They are always well informed and a pleasure to deal with.