TruStile has been changing the door industry with every stile, rail and panel we put through our production line by blending modern technology with old world craftsmanship. Once you see the impact well-designed interior doors can have on a home, you’ll never look at doors the same way again.


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TruStile has been changing the door industry through superior design and construction that blends modern technology with old world craftsmanship. This approach has made them a top choice for builders, remodelers and homeowners that understand the tremendous impact well-designed interior doors can have on a home.


While TruStile® Doors is one of the nation’s leading MDF (medium density fiberboard) door manufacturers, they are also leaders because of their TruStile Wood and TruStile Reserve Wood doors. From its many customizable standard designs to fully custom design capabilities, TruStile can fulfill the unique needs of every home with the right door backed by a great warrant.

Architects, builders, remodelers and homeowners put just as much time into making interior designs as functional, compelling and architecturally unified as the exterior. The authentic stile and rail construction of TruStile doors ensures that those aesthetic and quality design parameters are met with each interior door. Their construction methods take a craftsmen’s approach by never stamping or routing their doors. In addition to every door being perfectly proportioned and architecturally correct regardless of size, TruStile doors are built with environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. Whether you choose their high-quality MDF doors for painted applications or the richness of natural wood, TruStile offers hundreds of made-to-order styles as well as custom-build options to fit your needs.

TruStile Door Design Flexibility

TruStile doors are defined by superior design and quality, which is why they blend the latest technology with hand craftsmanship. Natural and painted wood doors can make a dramatic impact on the interior design of a home by adding character, warmth, texture and color that contrasts or unifies. From architecturally-correct panel designs, to modern, flush, rail and countless other styles, TruStile doors has a design to fit your need and aesthetic. By utilizing the best materials, design, and assembly techniques, TruStile wood doors can enhance the architectural feel of the room and make a lasting impression for years to come.

Ensuring Quality with TruStile and Builders’ General

TrueStile craftsmanship starts with the selection of the highest-grade wood utilizing quality-grade species standards. It continues with wood veneers that are hand-selected and color-matched to the lumber used within the door. That’s the foundation that gives TruStile wood interior doors a quality look and feel. With countless designs made for painting, TruStile interior doors go through a rigorous hand sanding and preparation process to ensure each door is free of residue and smooth to the touch. That means they’re finish-ready when they leave their plant, Builders’ General ensures they maintain that readiness when they reach your job site. The goal is to provide you with the perfect surface for superior finishing and staining in the field to achieve the polished multi-dimensional look that exemplifies TruStile doors.

Interior doors play a critical element in home design in an architectural, privacy and noise reduction sense. Builders General chooses TruStile because they meet and exceed the standards of the most detail-oriented designers, builders and homeowners. Call on our in-house experts to assist you in making the best choices in TruStile interior door designs with the right specifications to meet your design plans and construction schedules.