Masonite Doors / Doors That Do More™

We’ve spent over 95 years looking into the future, constantly developing ways to make our products safer, smarter, cleaner, more stylish and more functional. And because we push ourselves to do more, we’re able to deliver more.

Our Cultural Pillars

Integrity Under Pressure: Put us under pressure, turn up the heat and our integrity stays intact. It’s more than the structural integrity of our product, at Masonite integrity is the foundation 
of everything.

People Are Key: We go out of our way to support and respect one another at Masonite—whether it’s working to keep each other safe, working well with others or working to improve our communities.

Hold The Door Open: At Masonite, we hold the door open for each other and for new ideas. As we’ve grown, our company has put out the welcome mat, so everyone can freely contribute ideas and add value.

Flexibility In Every Fiber: Every product and every person at Masonite is versatile and resilient. Our unique combination of durability and resourcefulness lets us exhibit both flexibility and urgency.

Results Hinge on Accountability: We take personal accountability to perform our jobs safely and to the best of our ability. Accepting ownership and responsibility, we follow through on commitments. Priorities are established and aligned across the business, resources are allocated and our people are empowered to deliver. Our track record of results builds trust and a reputation for dependability.

Crossing The Threshold: At Masonite, we continuously strive to improve both our customers’ experiences and our products. It’s that drive that leads us to revolutionize the door industry, again and again.


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Whether you’re providing enhanced acoustics to ensure peace and privacy or greater durability to stand up to high levels of New Jersey’s wind, rain, and snow— Masonite has the right door solution for every opening.

For more than 95 years, Masonite has been a leader in exterior and interior doors, helping define new builds and enhance existing New Jersey homes. Architects, builders, designers, and homeowners all rely on their innovative design and manufacturing excellence for home projects where beauty and durability are equal priorities.

By specializing in customer-focused product development, Masonite Doors have consistently delivered a constantly expanding and diverse selection of doors to meet any design or budget.

Masonite Exterior Door Collections

Masonite’s commitment to delivering superior performance and beauty in exterior doors and glass products is apparent in their innovative engineering approaches across expansive collections to meet every need. This complete line of products, services and support tools continues to evolve to help every architect, designer, builder and homeowner get the type of entrance to fit their architectural vision of each home. Whether it’s wood, fiberglass or steel construction, every Masonite exterior door is the result of years of research, design, engineering and development. That’s what makes them the recognized leader in design trends, ideas and manufacturing innovation with beautiful, high-performance entry doors that are built to last.

Barrington® Belleville® Heritage® Fiberglass Door Collections

Masonite Barrington, Belleville and Heritage Fiberglass Door Collections bring nearly limitless options that combine hand-crafted wood with the durability and ease of Masonite’s low maintenance, high-performance proprietary Mahogany and Oak wood-grain texture fiberglass. With a deep and diverse catalog, buyers can choose from numerous raised and flat panel designs and a broad choice of factory-glazed decorative glass. Masonite fiberglass doors combine architecturally diverse stylings with highly engineered fiberglass doors that provide maximum protection and lasting durability that resist splitting, cracking, warping, denting and rot.

Masonite HD Steel Entry Doors

Masonite HD Steel entry doors give you the security, durability, and performance of steel with designs that compliment an endless variety of architectural home styles. In addition to an ability to withstand everything that nature can throw at it, Masonite steel doors are available in 20-minute and 90-minute fire ratings. They are also available in paintable HD finish option, pre-finished white, and the Stay-Tru wood top and side stiles that deliver lasting beauty.

Masonite exterior doors range from classic to modern stylings with an endless array of glass options to meet any performance, material and design need to fit any home and any project. Choose from hundreds of panel and glass combinations to fit your home’s architectural style while providing a unique and inviting entrance that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Masonite Interior Doors

Masonite Interior primed moulded doors come in a wide variety of panel configurations to suit any designer’s taste. A wide choice of hollow core designs that are ideal for countless interior uses are available alongside numerous solid core options that provide the safety and sound isolation that can transform a room into a quite oasis. A variety of textured and smooth skins, unique “raised moulding” and nearly endless design configurations make Masonite Interior Doors the choice of home builders and contractors across Nee Jersey.

Masonite & Builders General

Masonite and Builders General have long been trusted leaders in providing exterior and interior doors to meet every design and project need. Together, we partner with architects, builders, remodelers and homeowners to find the perfect door to meet architectural, construction and durability needs of today’s NJ homes.