Your Authorized TIMBERTECH AZEK™ Dealer in New Jersey

Low Maintenance: Composite decking and railing don’t need to be stained or sanded—ever. After a hard day’s work, you’ll spend more time enjoying your deck and less time maintaining it.

Extremely Durable: Decks have the look and feel of real wood with the added strength of composite materials. They’re tough enough to resist mold, mildew, scratches, stains, and damage from termites and rot.

Leading Warranty: We back our premium decking and railing products with premium warranties that promise their integrity won’t fade over time like traditional wood decking and railing materials.


From urban to suburban and the woods to the shore, your deck needs to be the focal point for an event-filled outdoor life. The best decks are highly functional, look amazing and continue to provide beauty and high functionality for years to come. That’s why New Jersey homeowners, contractors, and builders turn to TimberTech AZEK™ quality decking materials and designs for their decking projects.

With rich colors in browns and grays as well as natural hardwood finishes, TimberTech AZEK™ has a multitude of options that can enhance your home and outdoor environment. Its long life of beauty and use is defined by its ability to repel moisture, scratches, dents, and insects. Stains become a thing of the past with TimberTech’s proprietary Alloy Armour Technology that is used as a special capping, protecting boards on all four sides. This four-sided protective polymer shell surrounding a proprietary wood composite core is what makes TimberTech AZEK™ strong and durable, a great choice for any decking project. The result is a deck that’s resistant to the elements and lowers the need for maintenance in comparison to natural lumber.

Why Choose TimberTech and Builders’ General?
TimberTech AZEK™ decking makes it possible to live your best life outdoors. The beauty, longevity and overall quality of your deck and how you experience it is just as important the freedom to explore nearly limitless design possibilities. TimberTech AZEK™ Decking brings a multitude of benefits, including:

• Composite decking and railing that’s low maintenance – no need for sanding or staining
• Durability with a real wood look and feel, plus the added strength of composite materials
• Resistance to all the usage marring that occurs with real wood
• Manufacturing with an average of 65 percent post-industrial recycled materials – greener and environmentally sustainable

Those are just a few of the reasons why New Jersey homeowners and builders turn to TimberTech AZEK™.

The Proof of Durability, Quality and Beauty is in the Construction
The Builders’ General team has a great deal of experience with supplying TimberTech AZEK™ decking throughout New Jersey. We choose to align ourselves with this product because we’ve seen first-hand how it maintains its lasting durability, beauty, and low maintenance qualities in every setting, season, and environment the state can throw at it.

While it’s not uncommon for New Jersey homeowners to have a grand vision for their ultimate deck, they need to start with the right products to achieve that vision. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or builder, Builders’ General has the expertise to guide you in choosing and designing the deck of your dreams with TimberTech AZEK™. Sit down with our team and we’ll provide the support you need in everything from pricing and materials to design and free delivery. Build your one-of-a-kind outdoor living space with TimberTech AZEK™ products from Builders’ General. We’ve got you covered!