Handmade Custom Cabinetry

The goal of Craft-Maid Kitchens is to provide our customers total quality in every product we create.




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Since 1972, Craft-Maid has strived for innovation, introducing kitchen cabinet styles that are cutting edge. For the past four decades, Craft-Maid has excelled in high quality custom cabinetry construction across all areas of production, including Frameless construction and Traditional Plus Frame cabinetry. As an industry leader, Craft-Maid has consistently focused on custom kitchen cabinetry of quality and their experienced craftsmen excel at delivering beautiful finishes every time.

The goal of Craft-Maid Kitchens is to provide customers with total quality in every product they create. As remodelers, home builders and renovation experts, you put a lot of thought into your kitchen design and Craft-Maid excels at putting a lot of care into crafting their products. Craft-Maid is a leading provider of handmade, custom kitchen cabinetry. Whether you’re looking for traditional mortise and tenon joinery methods or finer furniture methodology like dovetail drawer boxes, Craft-Maid handmade cabinetry has got you covered. Additionally, Craft-Maid offers modern and sleek designs including stainless steel drawer boxes and touch-open mechanized hardware, as well as exotic veneer finishes and high polished painting. No matter what your vision, Craft-Maid’s skilled craftsman can create your desired cabinets by hand, one at a time and can help guide and fulfill your design requests.

With Craft-Maid custom kitchen cabinetry, all finishes can be custom color matched to your provided sample. All dye and pigment stains are hand-wiped into sanded wood and paint finishes are meticulously sanded by hand between your topcoat and primer. Varnishes are expertly sprayed and cured. If you’re after a glass-like finish, polyester is buffed to perfection.

Aside from custom kitchen cabinets, Craft-Maid’s cabinetry is excellent for bathrooms, family rooms, butler’s pantries, wine cellars, libraries, bedroom furniture, dining rooms, living rooms and closets. Their handmade custom cabinetry is available in contemporary styles and is also ideal for transitional kitchens, traditional kitchens, kitchen islands, custom vanities and more.

Since 1931, Builders’ General has helped custom builders, remodelers and homeowners alike turn their design concepts into one-of-a-kind cabinets. We offer a full selection of Craft-Maid custom kitchen cabinetry at your disposal and our team is ready to assist with whatever project you have in mind – contact Builders’ General today.