Tips for Maintaining Deadlines During Storms

It can be difficult enough to maintain construction deadlines without the weather getting in the way but the reality is that for New Jersey contractors, the weather is a factor.

We all know severe weather can cause projects to shut down for days at a time. Once that happens, it can become a domino effect.  Here are a few tips we’ve learned from our contractors over the years.

Include A Buffer Between Projects

While it is important to finish projects on time, it is just as important to get projects started on time. Leaving a few days of buffer between two projects can allow you to use those extra days to finish a project should a weather cause a delay.

A buffer between projects can be the difference between having to split up the crew to work on two separate projects and instead finish one project before moving on to another one.

Prep the Work Site Before Storms

In some cases, work can continue at the job site if you prepare it beforehand.

From salting driveways to properly storing tools, there are a lot of preventative measures you can take to keep the work moving forward even during storms. It may seem like wasted time but can save you from having to shutdown a job site for a few days after a storm.

Create A “Storm Schedule” With The Client

If a storm is going to interfere with your regular working hours, you may need to consider moving to a different schedule. While this may not be ideal, it can definitely help keep a project moving. If you know a storm is on the horizon, speak with the client to see if there is a possibility of changing the work schedule to allow you to work around the storm. If you know a storm is scheduled to hit in the afternoon, you may want to consider starting early on the day of the storm and working in the afternoon on the day after.

Creating a flexible “storm schedule” can keep you on track for those construction deadlines.

When it comes to construction, New Jersey contractors know that extreme weather can be trying. When storms hit, they can cause delays that can have a ripple effect long after they are gone.

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