Andersen Windows: Andersen 200 Series vs. 400 Series

Fully furnished home showcasing Andersen 200 Series windows and doors. There's a brightly lit kitchen in the back left corner, two grey couches, two white chairs and a coffee table in front of the backyard wall covered with Andersen windows.

Andersen is well-known for its high-quality, durable and reliable window products. Two of their most popular wood products are the Andersen 200 series and Andersen 400 series. But, what’s the difference between them? 

In this guide, we’ve collected all the features, pros and cons of the Andersen windows 400 series vs. 200 series, so you can make an educated and informed decision on the best product for your specific project. 

Andersen 200 vs. 400 Features Showcase 

First, what makes Andersen windows different from their competitors? 

Andersen offers vinyl cladding on the exterior of their windows as opposed to an aluminum exterior. Andersen wood windows also stand out with a 20-year glass warranty and a 10-year parts warranty, helping you feel confident and secure in your purchasing decision.

When it comes to the question of Andersen windows 200 vs. 400 series, there are a few key differences in features.

The 200 series has energy-saving glass, is made of wood with a vinyl exterior and offers homeowners a readily available, low-maintenance option. The 400 series is Andersen’s bestseller because it offers customization. Customization is the key difference between Andersen 200 and 400 series windows. The 200 series is only available in commonly used shapes sizes since it’s more of a mass-market option.

The 400 series is also made of a solid wood interior and vinyl exterior, providing homeowners with superior style, low exterior maintenance and energy efficiency — it truly is a premium product. 

If your project also includes doors and you’re looking for the difference between Andersen 200 and 400 series doors, the answer is again customization offerings and aesthetics. You can have custom patterns designed for the grilles on your 400 series patio door but not the 200 series. The 200 series doors offer more exterior color options for homeowners but the 400 series doors offer more wood interior options.

A 400 series Andersen window in brown is centered in a kitchen looking outside to lush greenery. There are brown kitchen cabinets on both sides on a white tiled wall with glass containers of sugar and flour and a few plants.

Andersen 200 Series: Pros and Cons


With most projects, budget is always top of mind. When it comes to the price tag, the 200 series is a more affordable option. And the price difference between Andersen 200 and 400 series doors? The 200 series is also more affordable. 

The 200 series Andersen windows have low-maintenance Perma-Shield® exteriors, clear pine interiors that come in two colors or a white interior finish. They come in Andersen’s most popular sizes and their most requested options for easy selection.


Because of the lower price point, the 200 series lacks custom features and color options. While having similar quality as the 400 series, custom sizes are unfortunately not available. If you’re looking for a product for a specialty window project, the 200 series may be a limitation. Also, while the exterior is clad with vinyl for protection, the sill is still wood and may eventually rot or need replacement. 

Andersen 400 Series: Pros and Cons


The 400 series from Andersen is the most popular product line for window projects and for good reason! Here’s why:

  • It has consumer-friendly customization options.
  • It’s made of wood with a strong vinyl exterior.
  • The entire sash is wrapped in vinyl for protection.
  • It has a composite sill that will not rot and withstands the need for replacement for longer. 


Opposite of the 200 series, the 400 series has a higher price tag. With the benefits above of customization and longevity, this option will require a bit of a higher budget. 

A woman wearing a blue dress and her young son are standing near a wood-top counter in front of two large, black Andersen 400 Series windows.

Which Andersen Windows Series Is Best For Your Project: Andersen Windows 200 Series vs. 400 Series

It’s time for the final showdown to begin. When it comes to the Andersen Windows 200 series vs. 400 series, how do you know which series is better for you? It’s all dependent on your project needs and boils down to three questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What level of customization am I looking for?
  2. What’s my budget?
  3. What colors and styles are my clients set on?

From there, you can walk your clients through their options. If the project requires a certain level of size, shape and color customization and your homeowners want to be more creatively involved in the project, the 400 series would be the best choice. 

If the project has a more constrained budget, you can’t go wrong with the 200 series. The 200 series still provides an incredible quality with a lower price point. It also has plenty of styles to match a long list of potential dream designs. 

Andersen windows in white are the focal point in this bedroom photo. The background outside is ocean waves and in the bedroom, there is a full-sized bed with two nightstands on either side, one of them holding a lamp.

How Builders’ General Can Help

With Builders’ General, you have a partner that can help you overcome all the possible obstacles and potential challenges that occur during the building process. We’re here to help you manage — and exceed — your clients’ expectations. 

The best news is that we proudly carry Andersen window and doors products from both the 200 series and 400 series — you can’t go wrong with Premier Andersen windows combined with our unbeatable Builders’ General service. 

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For more information, check out our site and download the Series 400 Product Guide

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