Kitchen Island Trends Create Space in Small Kitchens

Creating more space in a small kitchen may seem impossible but with some creative kitchen island designs, you can actually make a kitchen feel much larger without a complete home remodel.

A kitchen island can add counter space, storage, and seating; when it is done right, it can also open up a kitchen to make it easier to navigate and entertain.

Here are our tips for getting it done right:

Double-Sided Cabinets

Maximizing the space afforded by an island is key. One way of doing this is to incorporate cabinets on both sides. This will make the cabinet space more accessible, as well as make it easier to store a diverse range of items.

These cabinets can also allow you to remove some of the clutter that can pile up on counters when there isn’t enough storage. Extra appliances like toaster ovens, toasters, blenders, etc. can be easily stored and accessed with these double-sided cabinets, giving the kitchen a more open feel.

Hideable Seats

One of the biggest benefits of a kitchen island is the ability to add seating to the kitchen. That being said, when it comes to small kitchens, these extra seats can get in the way and add more clutter.

Using seats that are able to slide under the island or can be easily moved to the side can open up a kitchen space without much work. These seats will also make it easier for people to gather in the kitchen.

Open Concept Kitchen Islands

While most kitchen islands are closed and feature cabinets, a creative way to make the kitchen more open is to incorporate an open kitchen cart. Using shelves rather than cabinets will provide the same storage space, while also keeping the space open. The shelves will also provide additional opportunities for decorations to brighten the space.

Hanging Storage

Storage doesn’t always have to be underneath an island. While you want to keep the counter clear, the space above an island is generally not used. This provides some space to incorporate hanging storage, which will not only solve storage issues but can also draw the eye of a visitor up, which will make space appear larger and more open.

For contractors and homeowners alike, small kitchens can be a nagging issue. At times, it can feel like the only way to solve the problem is to start over. That isn’t always the case and a kitchen island can be a creative way to make space feel less congested.

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