Weyerhaeuser Engineered Wood: Helping To Make A More Open Living Environment

Like most things, construction has trends and in-demand building styles. For contractors, the trend that is in right now is open living spaces, which means larger rooms and longer spans that require innovative framing solutions. As this trend has grown in popularity, so has the reliance on engineered wood, as this lumber is able to support more weight over longer spans.

With modern design being used in more new construction and renovations, companies such as Weyerhaeuser are growing in importance, as they offer engineered wood products that are able to give homeowners the designs they want. Traditional framing doesn’t allow for the open concept flow most homeowners are looking for now.

If you’re a contractor and are finding it difficult to find quality products that allow you to fulfill the requests of your clients, consider these engineered wood products from Weyerhaeuser.


TJI® Joists

TJI® Joists from Weyerhaeuser are the flooring solution for modern homes. The reason: they resist the usual wear and tear that causes long term problems for homeowners. Namely, the squeaking, creaking, warping and twisting that can cause structural and aesthetic problems.

These joists also come in long lengths, making them easier to install, as well as being lightweight for a faster installation.

Timberstrand® LSL

When it comes to tall walls or beams or sill plates, traditional framing materials can fall short in delivering a sturdy, cost-effective solution. One of the problems that contractors often face is finding lumber that is strong and straight. The Timberstrand® LSL line of products offers a combination of innovation and technology that make them ideal solutions for a variety of modern building needs.

Parallam® PSL

One of the biggest obstacles in open concept designs is the spans that must be supported. Parallam® PSLbeams offer added strength to make longer spans possible and Parallam® PSL columns offer extra load capacity to support longer spans. With both of these products, you will be able to open up any living space.

Microllam® LVL

There are both beams and headers offered in this product line, both of which offer stability for the foundational elements of a home. The quality and effectiveness of these products means there will be little waste and it will be economical.

Having the ability to keep up with the most recent building trends means you will need to be familiar with the building materials that will get the job done. Weyerhaeuser is one of those companies that offers a superior product for the changing current of the market.

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