How Can You Secure Your Home’s Exterior?

Your front door must be more than just the gateway to your home. It must also provide a warm, inviting feeling while maintaining energy efficiency, and be capable of withstanding any weather New Jersey has to offer. Most of all, it must have a design and build focused on securing your home’s exterior.

While today’s replacement doors can fulfill all these needs, it’s daunting to choose among the countless options. The process of selection starts with understanding the different door elements that impact security and durability. Thickness, various construction techniques and added elements can combine to create stronger doors that guard against weather infiltration and energy loss.

The first thing to consider that will affect all these needs are the door’s materials and construction methods. This will provide the foundation of a door’s durability, security functionality, and energy performance. Most doors will either be wood, steel, or fiberglass and many offer panel styles with glass options.

Wood doors require very specific construction methods to provide security, beauty, durability, and energy conservation. Although there are certainly many solid wood doors, most are manufactured doors that use stile and rail construction. This method comprises joining multiple components to create an overall design that maximizes strength and durability.

Premium steel doors can provide durability, security, beauty and energy efficiency. Both fiberglass and steel doors consist of a thick outer skin stamped with a design and then filled with an insulating material. They can come in a variety of styles including those that mimic stile and rail designs with raised or recessed panels. Although steel doors are most often painted, fiberglass doors can provide the realistic look of stained wood in a variety of grains while offering resistance to dents, rusting, and corrosion.

When using the highest grade of materials, construction techniques, and innovative assembly methodologies, all three door types can provide maximum security and durability. Hinges, door jams and locks all play a big part in optimizing the security of any replacement door.

Many manufacturers use a multi-point locking system that bolts the door into the frame, then locks at multiple points with a key turn. Others use threaded bolts that run through the top and bottom rails for added security and stability.

The best manufacturers and their reselling partners like Builders’ General work together to provide solutions that maximize the security to ensure contractors, builders, remodelers and homeowners get the complete door system that meets their needs. We take pride in providing a doorway to security, safety, durability and longevity.

Since every home is different, Builders’ General works with some of the best door manufacturers and brands in the country. Knowledge and expertise in other complimentary brands provide customers with nearly limitless possibilities. By going beyond the door to the hardware, locks and other elements that are part of a unified door assembly customers receive customized door packages that enhance their home’s security, beauty and livability.

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