Why Work at Builders’ General?

It’s no easy feat building a business culture that’s as dedicated to the growth of the individual employee as it is to the business overall. As a family-owned and operated business, Builders’ General has always believed that one naturally follows and cultivates the other.

The Shaheen family owners and operators since 1931, now approaching 90 years of providing building supplies to NJ custom builders, remodelers and homeowners, has always offered their employees “careers” instead of “jobs”. Having a career means longevity, investment on both sides, and a dedication to long-term growth.

A Business Culture Based on the Best Traits of Family

One of the greatest points of pride at Builders’ General is our culture of high performing, motivated people that are the real face of the company’s expertise and customer care. That’s true from our lumber yard, truck drivers and delivery teams to our managers, designers, building materials specialists and sales teams.

Builders’ General has created a culture where front and back office teams have more than just a passing familiarity with the people in the yard and in the field. The same is true across each of our locations. Great people with new or developed skills want to work with us because that atmosphere leads to understanding, shared responsibility, and greater opportunity for the growth of the individual and the company.

Building a Culture Dedicated to Serving the Needs of People and Communities

The collective motivation for everyone at Builders’ General is to serve the needs of custom builders, remodelers, designers, architects, and homeowners. This is only possible when we listen and learn from them, working internally to grow our skills as individuals and as a company. Great people want to work with us because they know we see what they are capable of today as well as what they can become tomorrow, and we make that investment to help them get there.

While we are always on the lookout for professionals with an established track record and passion for the business, we have the people and culture that can ignite and fuel that passion. When you’ve been in business for nearly nine decades, you attract a lot of lifelong employees that have accumulated enormous knowledge. Because of our culture, these team members are passionate about sharing that knowledge with new staffers as well as the broader communities and customers with we work with.

It’s also imperative to always keep site of the fact that time, technology, and techniques continue to march on. That’s why providing the latest techniques, technologies, materials, and methods makes us an ideal place to work for young career-minded professionals with an eye towards the future.

Personal and Business Growth from Collaboration & Community Involvement

Last but not the least of the reasons why you should work at Builders’ General is our dedication to family and community. We’ve always understood that the more we are part of the communities in which we work, the better we can serve them. That’s why it’s important that we’re drawing our staff from people that live in and know the communities we serve. Building relationships starts one on one. But to make them last a lifetime requires an atmosphere where you respect and embrace family, community and the life beyond the career.

Every employee at Builders General knows that we have a vested interest in their lives, and we reflect that by providing opportunities to share and grow every part of that life. That may be through employee-sponsored events, charities, community workshops, trade shows, civic endeavors and much more.

As a family business we know the value of collaborating. Our reputation and referrals do more than drive business growth, they drive our growth in terms of finding the most motivated and dedicated employees. Every day, we work to cultivate a business culture that espouses all the things we’ve discussed here.

In essence, come grow your career with Builders’ General.  It’s a win win!

Interested in a career at Builders General? Contact us today.