Top 10 Remodeling Projects That Will Add Value To Your Home

You know you want it but is it worth it?  That is the question most homeowners ask before making improvements to their home. Before splurging on home renovations, it is important to make sure it is worth your time.  At Builders’ General, we know what’s worth your time — because we did the homework.

Top line on the to-do list — exterior property. New siding or replacing windows, these dominate the list of projects that offer the biggest bang for your buck. They offer increased curb appeal making you happy every time you arrive to your home sweet home, keep your family safe, decrease energy bills but also offer the largest return on the investment because a potential home sale can be made or broken on the exterior alone, real estate agents say.

Looking to improve your home’s interior? Kitchen and bathroom renovations are worth saying yes too, or expanding an enjoyable living space to gain some extra room make almost three quarters of your investment back when if you sell your home.

If you are interested in making improvements to your home, stop into any of Builders’ General five convenient locations and get a hands on look at many of the products to get you started.

Here is a list of things recommended by Builders General to improve the look of your home.

Composite/Fiberglass door
Return on investment: 96.6 percent

Because of their low cost and durability, adding composite/fiberglass doors typically offers the highest return on investment of all home improvement projects, according to Remodeling Magazine.  Find Therma-Tru and Andersen doors on display at all five Builders’ General locations.

Outdoor Decks
Return on investment: 87.4 percent

In this robust economy, improving outdoor spaces is popular to pique buyer interest. Wood decks are king while composite decks regain a ROI of 74.3 percent on a national average.

Fiber cement siding
Return on investment: 87 percent

While fiber cement siding is typically tougher and more fire-resistant than vinyl siding, it is significantly more expensive. Other siding replacement projects also came in strong. Vinyl siding has a 78.7 percent ROI; foam-backed vinyl siding has a 78.1 percent ROI.

Attic bedroom conversion
Return on investment: 84.3 percent

Converting an attic to a bedroom, especially when you can also add a bathroom, adds value in the same way as a two-story addition. While it will not add to the square footage of the overall home, it does add another bedroom. That puts a home in another category, allowing sellers to charge more.

Garage door replacement
Return on investment: 83.7 percent

Replacing your garage door is another way to improve the exterior of your home. But while it’s typically inexpensive, an upgrade isn’t necessary unless your garage door is old, beat-up or a particularly visible part of your home. Average ROI is 83 percent.

Replacement windows
Return on investment: 79.3 percent

New windows look sharper, insulate a home better and save on energy. Wood is the preferred trim finish, but other replacement window projects also pay off. More upscale versions have an ROI of 74 percent. Vinyl window replacements range from a ROI of 76.6 – 78.7 percent.

Basement remodel
Return on investment: 77.6 percent

Buyers are definitely impressed by finished basements. A20-by-30-foot entertaining area with wet bar and a bathroom has an ROI of almost 77%. However, finishing your basement may not necessarily add value in an appraiser’s eyes, as an appraiser typically counts living space above grade only.

Kitchen remodel
Return on investment:  74.2 percent

The kitchen is always a good place to invest money, because it’s the heart of the home. When viewing a home, buyers spend most of their time standing in the kitchen, even sitting at the table to get a feel for how the kitchen will fit into their lifestyle.  Kitchens definitely add value that you will also enjoy before you decide to sell.  Just be careful you don’t overdo it.

Bathroom remodel
Return on investment: 74 percent

This Remodeling Magazine’s figure includes updating an existing 5-by-7-foot bathroom and replacing all fixtures, including installing a porcelain-on-steel tub with ceramic tile around it, new shower, standard toilet and new tile floor.

Two-story Addition
Return on investment: 71.8 percent

Remodeling Magazine includes a new first-floor family room and a second-floor bedroom with bathroom as the two-story addition, but any addition of square footage will add value.