5 Tips To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of the Home. It’s where families come together to cook, eat, converse and make precious memories. When planning the remodeling for such a meaningful room, there are so many important factors to think about. Here are 5 tips to consider when remodeling your kitchen!

Find a Focal Point
This is extremely important. Splashy tile, fancy floors, and busy countertop patterns tend to give the eye too much to look at when combined. Pick one focal point in your kitchen design and complement that area with a few quieter details. Check out some of our designs!

Traffic Area
The traffic area of the kitchen should be customized for your lifestyle. How many people are usually coming through at one time? For a kid-friendly environment, keep the cooktop out of traffic areas so children don’t catch handles and cause spills when running through. Make the refrigerator accessible to both passersby and people working in cooking and cleanup areas.
Think about how and where you use kitchen items!

Buy what you need for your lifestyle! Having a good, functioning cooktop and oven that will last is important. But when push comes to shove, most of us don’t need 6 burners. Unless you do, in which case you should invest in that! But be sure to assess the needs of your family and decide accordingly. Saving money on things you need rather than things you want will give you more to spend on the essentials such as countertop and cabinets!

How you brighten up the counters and culinary workspace is extremely important. Trust us, this is not where you want to cut corners! Lighting selections should be narrowed down at the time you start construction because the style should be already set.

Height and Distance
The best height and location for certain features matter more than you think. For instance, a microwave oven depends on the chef and the degree of kid-friendliness desired in the kitchen. Are there certain switches your child should not reach? To make sure nothing slams into each other, plan space for the door’s clearance to make cabinet and appliance doors fully functional!

We understand that a Kitchen is more than just a room. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and want a trustworthy contractor that understands your family vision, give us a call and see how we can turn that into reality!

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