10 Kitchen Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

As the center of activity in most homes, kitchen trends usually set the tone for interior design in general. From material to color to design, there are a lot of options when it comes to kitchen design.

Here are 10 trends you can expect to see a lot of in 2018.

Open Concept
Remember when the kitchen was its own closed off space? Well, not anymore!

Open concept kitchens that connect the center of activity with the rest of the house are now the norm in kitchen designs. Bringing down those walls and making the cooking space more casual is here to stay.

Cohesive Appliance Inclusion
One trend that has grown in popularity is blending the kitchen appliances into the general design of the kitchen. Rather than kitchen appliances sticking out, this trend allows them to seamlessly blend into the surroundings to create a cohesive look throughout the kitchen.

Pure White
While this isn’t exactly a new concept, the idea of a bright white kitchen is being done with more precision than ever before. Rather than choosing a dominant color for the entire kitchen, pure white allows you to add vibrant pops of color throughout the kitchen to add style.

Straight Line Design
Whereas intricate woodwork and trim used to be signature elements of kitchen designs, you are now more likely to see clean horizontal and vertical lines dominate kitchens. Not only will this streamlined look give the kitchen a more contemporary appeal; it will also make the space more functional.

Tech Features
From sinks that don’t require you to touch them to refrigerators that you can see through, there are a number of tech innovations that are transforming the way we think about kitchens. The tech features aren’t just for show; they will help you be more efficient in the kitchen. And, they look really cool too!

Wood-ish Floors
Hardwood floors are beautiful, but for a lot of budgets, they just don’t fit. That no longer means you can’t still capture the look of wood though! Tile that looks like wood now allows you to give your kitchen the same beautiful look as wood without the big price tag.

Drawer Organization
One of the staples of kitchen functionality is organization. Knowing where to find things can completely change the way a kitchen is used. Expect to see kitchen organization become even more popular as deeper drawers and drawer organization tools (peg boards, etc.) make their way into the kitchen.

Oversized Sinks
When it comes to function, there are few things as important as the kitchen sink. From washing dishes to cleaning food, an oversized kitchen sink will allow you to get more done without the mess that comes from trying to do it in a regular size sink.

Quartz Counters
A signal trends are moving towards functionality; quartz counters are gaining popularity. They are easier to clean and the timeless design makes them easier to match as other trends change.

Appliances Moving Down
With open concept kitchen becoming more popular, there is less wall space for appliances. The solution: move the appliances underneath the counter. This allows the kitchen to continue to be functional, while also maintaining the free-flowing nature of an open concept.

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