Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends – Inspiration for 2019!

For the past decade, the “all-white” kitchen trend has dominated kitchen design. However, if you’re looking for something a little more colorful, personal and inviting, you’re in luck! Kitchen design trends (while still understated) are moving away from the sterile, “cookie cutter” vibe. Homeowners are seeking something unique that showcases their personality and makes a bold statement. 

Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storage. It is an essential part of your kitchen’s style and a critical consideration when doing a kitchen remodel. 2019 brings some bold and exciting color options and the sky is the limit! Here are some hot kitchen cabinet design trends for 2019…

Neutral colors are a popular choice – soft greens, yellow and grey are trending tones. Light colors are ideal for a clean, soft look. They’re timeless and easily compliment your other kitchen features. 

Don’t shy away from more powerful colors – bolder choices for cabinets create a desirable high-end statement. Dark shades like emerald green, jewel plum, navy, and ink black create drama and luxury. Custom made cabinets are the way to go, you can choose any color you’d like.

Unified cabinetry is a thing of the past! Why not mix it up? Contrasting white and gray cabinet storage is elegant and unexpected. 

Re-designing your kitchen? Never skimp on organization solutions and cabinetry. It’s worth the extra time and money to really maximize your kitchen storage. This includes wide drawers, trash can pull-outs/roll trays, cutlery space, pantries, and corner storage. Drawer organization and increased functionality for all smaller spaces is crucial as well. 

Kitchen design has changed to meet our tech needs. Modern cabinetry can include charging stations for your various mobile devices. If you frequently use your tablet or smartphone to watch cooking videos or read recipes, consider installing a device holder or docking station. If you’re looking to get really high-tech, wireless devices can be built into your cabinetry – this includes televisions, music speakers, etc. 

Overall, clean styling is preferable to ornate details. Most modern cabinets lack elaborate design work and popular design elements you’ll see are smooth edges and simple clean lines.

Materials like wood and painted MDF are more popular for cabinet door construction than ever, as is reclaimed wood. What’s the appeal? Neutral color, texture, and added dimension. When layered into a kitchen space, wood creates balance. Best of all, wood is totally versatile and can deliver a rustic look or clean, modern simplicity. Defined wood grains—oak, cherry, ash, walnut, and elm are popular.

Open kitchen shelving is a popular 2019 trend. This design introduces a wonderful light and airy feeling in your kitchen, creating the illusion of more space – perfect for smaller kitchens. Open shelves also showcase your beautiful heirlooms and kitchen wares and make it easy and efficient for you to grab items you need. With the right kind of shelving, you can create a really unique and cutting-edge style for your kitchen that’s practical and efficient.

Not sure how to get started with your kitchen cabinet replacements or redesign? We’ve got you covered. Contact a Builders General expert today. We’ll help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.