Top 10 Closet Organization Tips for Changing Seasons

Yes, we live in Jersey. Good or bad, that means you have to change your closet four times a year!  Since there is only so much flexibility in most real people’s wardrobe closet, let’s help you make a plan.

1. Start with us, of course!
Builders’ General can custom design a closet to fit any project or space you have in mind. We’ll help you maximize what you already have to its fullest potential. Best of all, we’ll design it for free, deliver it for free, and install it for a reasonable fee – we’ve got you covered.

2. Spend a little, get a lot… more space
Built in closets are a worthwhile investment to maximize your space. A well-organized closet might mean you can eliminate a dresser or other storage areas in your bedroom, making the space feel bigger and more peaceful. Spend a little and make every seasonal rotation much easier.

3. Can’t Believe I Wore That!
It’s best to do some seasonal purging, decluttering and cleaning out. Set aside an afternoon and decide… is this still in style, is it in any condition to wear, and does it still fit? If you give yourself a NO, donate! If you didn’t wear it last year, you’re probably not going to wear it this year. Most often, you’ll find yourself with a lot more clothes than you actually wear, hence the problem of “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”! If you haven’t worn an item during the previous season, it doesn’t bring you joy or if you wouldn’t buy it again, chances are it’s time to remove it from your wardrobe.

4. Be Alternative
Before repopulating your closet, you need to make storage decisions about warm weather items and how you can make more room by relocating heavy coats and boots to an entry/hall closet or mudroom. It’s a good idea to store out of season clothes in under your bed in storage bins, or in covered boxes at the top of your closet.  Use the hall closet, under the bed, unused guest room closet for your off-season stuff. Especially if you let us help you max out those spaces too.

5. Analyze the Situation
If you have limited closet space with or without a custom closet system, viewing it empty gives you a chance to analyze the space and decide about storage bins, shelving, hanger systems and floor/upper level closet space. Is your space really working for you? How can you maximize every inch of your closet? Once you’re free from the excess, we can help you figure out what you need to get the closet of your dreams.

6. Determine Your Best Storage Mix
Choosing the right mix of hanging, shelving and drawer space in your closet depends on how you define wardrobe categories and amount of use they get. The same closet design doesn’t work for everyone, so it’s best to consider which types of items you need to store. Does your wardrobe include a lot of hanging clothes, and are they long or short? If so, you may want two levels of hanging space to maximize storage. If you have many shoes, a built in row of shoe cubbies is a great way to keep them on display and organized.

7. Birds of a Feather
By grouping like items like folded sweaters on shelves, it’s easier to see what you have and you’ll be able to pull an outfit together in record time. Shelf dividers also keep items neatly stacked and separated.

8. Get the Go To’s in the Front!
After you decide what will stay and maximize your closet space, consider designating “zones” so that the most used items are readily accessible. Your go-to daily items should be within easy reach, front and center.

9. Keep it up!
Maintaining an organized closet is an ongoing project. It’s best to stick to a “one in, one out” rule where a new item replaces a retired item, that way you can avoid an overflow of clothing and the resulting mayhem. You can also consider putting a discard bag in the closet for items you want to purge, that way they can be immediately dealt with rather than increasing the clutter.

10. There’s Money in That Closet
If you are selling your home, a clean closet makes a potential buyer think all their clothes will fit as well. Enhance the impression of your home with clutter free, organized closets.

Consider a custom closet organization system. Your closet system has to be flexible to meet your needs. That’s true whether it’s a custom closet from Builders’ General or some simple DIY remedies to maximize space and organization. These tips will help you maximize that space no matter what route you take and make it easier for you to dress every day of every season.

By now you must be Interested in a custom closet. Builders’ General will design it for free, deliver it for free, and install it for a reasonable fee.

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