Many tools have a long shelf life, but some should definitely be replaced after a few years. Although it can be tough to toss a tool you’ve been through numerous projects with, ignoring the signs of a device that needs tossing can cost you money or risk injury in the short term. Here’s a list of 5 tools you own that you should upgrade every few years:


 Dull and Broken Saw Blades

Saw blades that are dull or have broken teeth are a major safety hazard. When you start to realize you have to push much harder for even the simplest tasks, more burning on woods that didn’t burn before and more tear out on your cuts, it’s time to invest in something new.


End-of-Life Power Tools

No matter how well a tool is built, at some point, it will decrease in productivity. Dispose of end of life power tools when they are taking double the time to complete their job and/or they are performing less efficiently.


Work Lights

The next time the bulb in your incandescent work light goes out, consider replacing the entire light with an LED work light. These durable lights last longer and don’t emit any heat, so they are safe to touch!


 Sanding Belts and Grinding Wheels

Sanding belts and grinding wheels are usually inexpensive and well worth the cost to replace. When these belts start to become soft, you know it’s time for a better-performing tool.


Drill Bits

Drill bits can soften due to heat and wear down faster than you realize. You should replace them often with ones that are higher quality, ensuring they are suited for larger, more difficult projects. 


Learn how upgrading your toolbox can save you time, effort and money. Below are some of the many cutting edge tool demos you can see up close and personal at our 35th Annual Trade Show: