Our 8 Favorite New Construction Windows from Andersen

We love Andersen windows for new construction projects. Available in various designs, colors and window types, installing Andersen makes new builds a breeze. They’re also a favorite choice for homebuilders for the aesthetics, features and longevity they bring.

Here are 8 of our favorite Andersen vinyl and wood windows for new construction, covering a range of Andersen product types, styles and unique trends.

Stunning Silhouettes

" Mountain Retreat Inspired Home in Afton, Minnesota Using a Combination of Andersen Windows"

This gorgeous new build looks like it’s straight out of a mountain retreat magazine. Using Andersen’s 400 Series Picture Windows and 400 Series Casement Windows, these homebuilders went big and bold, providing stunning views for their client, with a modern silhouette that looks phenomenal against glowing sunsets.

This home is the definition of chic modern with combined materials and oversized black exterior windows. And while it looks extravagant and seems like it would have an oversized price tag to match, Andersen’s 400 series new construction windows contain some of the best-priced windows available in the Andersen product range. If you have questions about pricing for your client, reach out to our team, you may be surprised!

Let There Be Light

Bright Living Room With Floor-to-ceiling Combination of 400 Series Flexiframe® Specialty Fixed Windows

Why settle for standard windows when you could include floor-to-ceiling models that will fill the space with stunning natural light AND be a great addition to your portfolio? With clear sky views, these Andersen 400 Series Flexiframe Specialty Fixed Windows are sure to wow any homeowner.

These windows are stationary and designed to be used alone to maximize a view or combined with venting windows to create large, custom combinations. The frames are made of wood and are protected by a vinyl exterior. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to help create custom projects for your clients.

Shape Your View

Stairwell With Specialty Shaped Windows Created With Andersen 400 Series Window

This brilliant combination of specialty shape and 400 series Picture Windows from Andersen allow this stairwell to be flooded with an abundance of light, shadows and picturesque outdoor views.

Made of wood, with the ability to be colored, and protected by a durable, vinyl exterior, this is Andersen’s best-selling picture window. With standard sizes up to 5’ wide and 6’ high, custom sizes are also available. So if your client can dream it, we can do it.

Why Go Off the Grid When You Can Get the Grid Right in Your Kitchen

Over Sink Kitchen View build with Andersen 400 Series Casement Windows

Homeowners don’t have to sacrifice natural light and beautiful views in their kitchens: All they need are easy-to-operate windows. With Andersen’s 400 Series Casement Window, you can give homeowners easy functionality with crank capability so they don’t have to lean forward over their wet sink and struggle with heavy lifting to enjoy a breeze.

Basking in the Bath

Bathroom Freestanding Bathing Area Showcasing Beautiful Andersen’s E-Series Casement Window

Bathrooms don’t have to be utilitarian and boring. Plenty of natural light makes this freestanding bathing area feel even more open and airy, so you can create a bathing oasis with a stunning view for your client.

Andersen’s E-Series Casement Window is, of course, resistant to water because of its virtually maintenance-free aluminum exterior. It is fully customizable and made-to-order to meet the design requests from clients in nearly any shape, size, color, interior wood species or finish.

Cool & Contemporary

Contemporary coastal kitchen with cozy window seat created with Andersen 400 Series Picture Windows and 400 Series Casement Windows, bringing the beautiful outdoors in

Large windows, which are underrated in the kitchen, provide beautiful views and contribute to a happier, healthier space. With Andersen’s 400 Series Picture Windows and 400 Series Casement Windows, you get extra protection with Stormwatch®, giving the owner ease of mind during harsher weather.

The 400 Series are Andersen’s best-selling windows — and with good reason; they provide a classic, innovative blend of engineering and craftsmanship. Full of accessories, their low-maintenance vinyl exteriors help protect against water damage, while a rich, natural pine interior creates the perfect frame for art glass and grille patterns.

You can go for prefinished white, like above, or go darker with dark bronze or black interiors.

Make a Statement

Modern Home Pathway Brightened by Andersen Windows Using the Andersen 400 Series Awning Window and 400 Series Casement Window

Customized windows and knowledge of light pathways allow you to sculpt light into singular points, creating delicate architectural accents. Andersen’s 400 Series Casement Windows can be combined with Andersen’s 400 Series Circle and Oval Specialty Windows to create a major signature statement.

The Power of the Porch

Porch Sun Room Featuring Andersen 400 Series Woodwright Windows Creating Authentic Old-world Character

To create a cozy atmosphere, Andersen’s new construction double-hung windows work amazingly well. Andersen’s 400 Series Woodwright Double-Hung Windows feature thick, sloped sills, precision-milled wood interiors and historically accurate grilled patterns. Easy tilt-release locks give your clients the look they want with all the features they need.

These windows bring authentic, old-world character to homes of all ages, helping to create cozy corners and old-fashioned nooks. Homeowners get a classic, timeless look with modern technology and performance.

When looking at Andersen replacement windows vs new construction, Andersen’s double-hung windows work phenomenally for both types of projects.

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