Hot Kitchen Design Trends For 2020

Along with your home’s exterior facade, the kitchen is a major influencer and indicator of your home’s overall design style. Interior design elements including textiles, furniture, paint colors and rugs can be easily changed to transform a space, i.e. a traditional living room can be elevated to a modern look with new accessories and a fresh interior design. A kitchen space, however, requires renovation and greater investment to achieve that transformation and new result.

Your kitchen layout, countertops and cabinets are more of a permanent reflection of your home’s design style. Therefore, planning and forethought is required prior to embarking upon a new kitchen to ensure its aesthetic and functionality endures for the future.

Although many kitchen designs come and go, here are our observations for 2020’s kitchen design that have gained popularity over the past years – we believe these will last throughout 2020 and in years to come!

#1. Open Shelving & Deep, Functional Drawers

We’ve touched on the concept of “open shelving” in previous blogs, and this trend is one we expect to see flourish. Possibly driven by the popular Farmhouse style, open shelving is appreciated by young homeowners who aren’t keen on cramped and confined kitchen storage. Open shelving is also a great way to display accessories and attractive decor. When displayed prominently, they are also easily accessible.

Large and deep drawers are also increasing in popularity to replace less upper cabinet storage space. When stacked and stored neatly under the countertop, pans, bowls and pots are convenient to grab and put away. Deep drawers can also accommodate appliance storage – drawer type microwaves and refrigerators are also increasing in popularity.

#2. Double Kitchen Islands

The popularity of open floor plans are changing kitchen design. As an essential element in expansive floor plans, kitchen islands are integral in providing transition from the kitchen to living and dining space. They’re necessary for food preparation and also provide a space for entertaining and gathering. As interior home flow becomes even more sprawling and open, designers are choosing to include more than one island into the layout. One island can accommodate food storage and preparation (including a large sink, spacious drawers and appliances hidden under the counter) and the second can provide additional seating, a bar sink, wine storage and entertaining space.

According to Forbes, features including soft close doors, sizing customization, organizing options and accessories, and semi-custom and custom cabinetry are becoming more affordable and widely available. As consumers have greater access to consumer-facing information, they’re seeking out these options. A custom look is fully achievable at a realistic price!

#3. Large Backsplashes

Related to the minimal upper cabinetry trend, full wall backsplashes have increased in popularity. Not only do they provide an attractive and dramatic accent wall in the kitchen space, they’re also easier to clean and more durable than a painted wall. Marble, classic tile or anything you choose can work well in both a modern and traditional home.

#4. Sustainability

Homeowners have an increased interest in purchasing cabinetry that is made from sustainable products and materials. A favorite cabinet brand we carry, StarMark is a certified brand in the KCMA, or Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Environmental Stewardship Program. This acknowledges companies who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, including sustainable materials and environmentally responsible cabinet products. Companies like StarMark also minimize environmental impact via low emission coatings and recycling waste.

#5. Dark Blue

Sherwin-Williams recently revealed “Naval”, a rich dark blue as their color of the year for 2020. Dark blue cabinetry has been on the rise for the past several years, appearing in interior design magazines everywhere as a go-to color for luxury kitchens, and this hue is expected to grow in popularity over the upcoming year. Dark blue cabinets pair nicely with gold hardware (another popular choice) and provide an upscale, trendy and luxury look. As an accent color on an island, dark blue cabinetry is a great choice.

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