Hot Home & Interior Design Trends For Modern Millennials

As Millennials enter the housing market, they are redefining home design trends. 20 and 30 somethings are heading towards the greener pastures of suburbia with very different expectations and desires than their parents.

Millennial buyers want modern, sleek lines in their houses, yet they love laid-back rustic looks and “artisanal” home decor additions. They enjoy natural materials such as stone and wood but also crave the latest smart home technology, including colored lighting for their showers. Millennials are focused on making their space both functional, unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s a summary of popular home and interior design trends Millennials are seeking out.

Popular Home Styles for Millennials

  • Millennials aren’t drawn to “cookie-cutter” home styles – they’re looking for something more personalized and unique.
  • 55% – 66% of Millennials favor the suburbs over the city.
  • “Modern Traditional” is the most preferred style for Millennial homes, also “Casual Organic” and “Modern.”
  • Almost half of Millennials prefer to buy “move in ready” homes versus “fixer uppers” as they just don’t have the time or money to devote to refurbishments.

Essential Items Millennial Buyers Demand in Kitchens

  • Kitchen size– Millennials want a large kitchen to entertain in, as compared to older generations who preferred the living room as a space to congregate
  • Spacious open style kitchens for a modern feel (separate dining and living rooms are seen as a waste of space)
  • Stone, cement, or granite counter tops
  • Functional cabinetry with a multitude of storage options (built-in organization systems with designated places for knives, spices and specialty kitchen gadgets)
  • Appliances that fit into the overall living space and aesthetic (built-in microwaves with fronts that match other cabinetry)
  • Top quality, brand new stainless steel dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Other high performing appliances, including professional 6-burner ranges & convection ovens
  • Built-in wine racks / wine cooling fridges
  • Kitchen islands with an extra sink
  • Floor-to-ceiling spice racks for easy storage
  • Modern hanging-pendant fixtures for kitchen lighting
  • Overall efficiency

Minimalistic design, functional storage and energy-saving appliances are essential kitchen features. Although hosting large Sunday family dinners are not high on the Millennial “to do” list, they still enjoy cooking, especially experimenting with different techniques and cuisines. Their kitchens need to accommodate this.

Trending Designs in Millennial Bathrooms

Millennial Home Buyers are looking for:

  • Glass and stone surfaces
  • Brushed nickel (as opposed to chrome)
  • Wall mounted double-handle faucets
  • Modern vessel style bathroom sinks
  • Floating style bathroom vanities
  • Dual rain shower heads and hand-held sprayers (for easy shower cleaning)

Hot Home Tech Trends

The majority of Millennials can’t imagine their lives without smart devices and other technological gadgets. A recent survey reveals that 72% of millennials would be willing to pay $1,500 more for a home that is “smart,” and 42% of those would be willing to pay as much as $3,000 more.

Millennial homes may include a smart thermostat, 4KTV, smart hubs (controlling lighting, thermostats, music, TV with Amazon’s Echo, Google Home and Z-Wave, etc) and other devices that can make a homeowner’s life easier. They want to unlock their doors, control their thermostats and receive information about when their front door opens — all via their smartphones or devices.

Millennials are Saying NO To:

  • Shag carpeting
  • Anything avocado-colored (this includes appliances)
  • Walnut cabinets and baseboards
  • Countertops made of Formica
  • Gold-toned trim on fixtures (lighting and bath)

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