Cabinet Trends for 2018

While we all like to think that every time we make a renovation in our homes that we will love it forever, the truth is times change and so do styles. Making updates and renovations don’t always have to be complete redos. There are always ways of adding some style to an existing space without having to tear it all down and start over.

For kitchens and bathrooms, this can be especially important, as complete renovations of these spaces can cost a lot of money. One update you can make is to the cabinets. Affordable cabinet options from MasterBrand allow you keep up with the latest interior design trends without having to break the bank.

Below are a few cabinet trends that are expected to be popular in interior design in 2018.

Light and Bright
White cabinets or light cabinets give you the ability to add splashes of color around your kitchen or bathroom without having to change the entire space. If you like changing your decorations for the seasons or enjoy spontaneously adding new looks to your home, light cabinets will give you flexibility to express yourself any way you are feeling.

Clean, Straight Lines
Traditionally, cabinets have incorporated ornate woodworking and carpentry. While beautiful, this style of cabinets can become dated quickly. Overall, interior design trends are moving towards more horizontal and vertical lines, and cabinet trends for 2018 is following suite. It is not to say that the cabinets have to be completely square but the general trend is likely to see most of the woodworking revolve around straight lines.

Contrasting Countertops
Quality cabinet makers such as MasterBrand know that the mark of good cabinetry is to complement the other elements in the room. One of the most recognizable of those elements is the countertop. Historically, many homes have been designed with the notion that the countertops and cabinets shouldn’t offer too much of a contrast. In 2018, interior design experts are expecting to see that rule go away completely. Whether it is a contrast of material or color, you will likely see a lot more variations in 2018 bathrooms and kitchen cabinets.

As with anything, only time will tell if these trends are here to stay, but in 2018, these are the expected cabinet trends. If you think your kitchen or bathroom cabinets could use an upgrade, stop by one of our five Builders’ General locations or call us at 1-800-570-7227. With our line of MasterBrand cabinets including Homecrest, KitchenCraft, Aristokraft, Diamond and Decora, we will help you find the on-trend kitchen of your dreams and, as always, include free design and delivery.