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As a leading provider of building supplies in New Jersey, the Builder’s General team are experts when it comes to windows and doors. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality Andersen products for your home.

Every Andersen door and window we sell is built to last and withstand the elements, from tough New Jersey winters and scorching hot summers and humid beach climates. Andersen products play an integral role in keeping countless homes secure, energy efficient and comfortable.

Andersen A-Series Windows & Doors – Superior Architectural Authenticity & Performance

Andersen’s A-Series product line is carefully designed with authentic architectural style in mind. Every element of hardware, all accessories and each window sash all work together to achieve the exact look you desire. A-Series is authentic in style and detail, offers hundreds of trim, frame and sash colors, makes window combinations easy to create and offers exceptional weather resistance and energy efficiency.

Andersen E-Series – One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

The Andersen E-Series or “Eagle” series windows and doors are made to your exact specifications, allowing contractors and homeowners the freedom to create the space of their dreams. If you can dream it, Andersen can do it! This line features custom colors and dramatic shapes in any size you need, as well as exotic finishes and woods. The possibilities are limitless!

Andersen’s 400 Series – Timeless & Traditional Windows

The Andersen 400 Series offers a classic blend of craftsmanship and engineering, featuring a variety of popular styles, colors, shapes and sizes. Every product stands up to demanding quality standards and is available in a full selection of accessories and options.

Andersen’s 200 Series – Windows of Superior Value

This streamlined selection encompasses Andersen’s most popular options and sizes. All of the products in the 200 series are made from wood and offer a vinyl exterior that resists water and remains protected from the elements. The right balance of efficiency, design and price.

Andersen’s 100 Series – The Smart Alternative to Vinyl

This Andersen line is budget-friendly. Designed for durability, energy-efficiency and sustainability, Andersen’s 100 Series windows are engineered with Fibrex® composite material that’s low maintenance, twice as strong as vinyl and provides a visually clean and streamline look.

Why Choose Andersen Windows & Doors?

For more than 100 years, Andersen has excelled at making superior quality windows and doors. Their product lines deliver the ideal combination of performance, aesthetics, economy and architectural authenticity for any type of home or taste. If you’re looking for windows and patio doors, Builder’s General can assist with finding the exact product that’s right for you and discuss their features and benefits at a no-obligation consultation. Our experts will walk you through all of the Andersen series of windows and doors offered to find the right fit for your home.

Our goal is to empower you to transform your space. With the superior products we offer combined with our years of experience and unique perspective, we can help you re-imagine how your home or construction can function and feel its best.

Ready To Get Started?

Builders’ General is a leading supplier of Andersen windows, doors and other quality building products and materials for your home. When you buy from Builders’ General, you get the peace of mind that comes with nearly 90 years in business. We proudly stand behind every product, every day. Whether you need windows or doors for a construction project, commercial building or you’re looking to make your living space more energy efficient and comfortable, we’ve got the styles and high-performing Andersen options you need.