5 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2020 Kitchen Remodels


Considering a kitchen upgrade this year? Houzz has released their 2020 U.S. Kitchen Trends Study with information from nearly 2,600 Houzz users who recently completed a kitchen remodel or new kitchen addition within the past 12 months. Here are the notable top 5 trends for kitchen and cabinet styles, based upon homeowner preferences and choices. These may inspire your own renovation project!

Shaker-Style Cabinets

The majority of Houzz homeowners who have undergone a kitchen upgrade chose Shaker-style cabinets. Shaker cabinets are ideal for a transitional-style kitchen, the most common design choice for homeowners undergoing a kitchen renovation. This marks the 3rd year in a row transitional has ranked the most popular kitchen style for upgraded kitchens.

61% of renovating homeowners who upgraded kitchen cabinets choose Shaker style doors for their new cabinetry, followed by flat-panel (21%) and raised panel (18%).

Overall Kitchen Styles

The majority of renovating homeowners (85%) elect to change the overall style of their kitchen when undergoing a renovation. Transitional as mentioned previously is the top choice (21%), followed by a contemporary look (16%), then modern (15%) and traditional (11%). Representing a blend of both traditional and contemporary styles, transitional has been the most popular style for 3 years running.

Farmhouse, a big favorite last year has fallen in popularity, dropping to 11% of kitchen remodels undergoing a style change, compared to last year’s 14% and 12% in 2018. Notably, Farmhouse style is also declining as a choice for master bathroom renovations as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

Almost all homeowners chose to upgrade their kitchen cabinets as part of their overall kitchen remodel. 94% of renovating homeowners choose to modify their cabinets – 68% chose to replace them entirely and 27% chose to partially upgrade their cabinets.

As for colors, white was the most popular cabinet color, with 45% of renovated kitchens electing to refresh their space with white. Wood-tone cabinets come in at number two (22%), with medium wood as the most popular selection. Gray came in third, followed by multicolored and light wood.

Custom cabinetry is the most popular choice in a renovated kitchen (40%), followed by semi-custom (36%), then stock (12%).

Specialized Cabinetry & Storage

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, custom storage including specialized cabinet storage is on the rise. This is reflected in our top trends – many new cabinets, both inside and outside the pantry space now contain specialty storage options. Most popular organization enhancements include cookie sheet and tray organizers (chosen by 50% of people upgrading cabinets). 63% of homeowners elected to install pullout trash can and recycling drawers, followed by lazy Susans (40%) and swing-out drawers (36%).

To learn more about what hot kitchen trends 2020 has to offer, view the entire Houzz study below. If you’re interested in embarking upon a kitchen remodel in 2020, Builders’ General has got you covered with a vast selection of top of the line custom cabinetry and semi-custom cabinetry. Give us a call or visit one of our locations to kick off your project today.

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