2024 American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) Advocacy Day in Washington DC, hosted by the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA).


MAY 1, 2024

2024 American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) Advocacy Day in Washington DC, hosted by the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA).

The NJ Lumber & Building Material Dealers (NJBMDA) had representatives from independently owned and operated family businesses spanning generations visiting our nation’s capital, April 29-30, 2024, to discuss various hot topics that have a direct impact on the building materials business. A member of the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association, the NJBMDA joined 14 other state affiliates consisting of over 60 representatives from Maine to Maryland for Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill.

TJ Shaheen, Executive Vice President of Builders’ General based in Little Silver, New Jersey and President of the NJBMDA Board of Directors was interviewed by the American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) prior to the event and had this to say,

“Our arena is constantly evolving both internally and externally, and if you fail to pay attention to government oversight, both in Trenton and in D.C., then that’s on you, especially when you’re a small family business. The NRLA and ABMA do an excellent job coordinating this annual event.”

Shaheen and other owners of NJ family lumberyards come together annually in Washington D.C. to make their voices heard on bills affecting the industry. Mr. Shaheen continues,

“We have a great group with remarkable chemistry. Yes, on the surface, we may be competitors at times, but we have strong healthy relationships that make our efforts with legislators very meaningful. It’s like being on an All-Star roster for a few days, and then back to our home teams, with increased passion and drive. We all believe in the ABMA motto, ‘Our Voice Matters’. We are united and stronger together.”

“Thank you to the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association and American Building Materials Alliance for coordinating a first class event to get in front of our elected officials so that they could hear our stories about issues affecting our businesses.”

2024 ABMA Advocacy Issues

H.R.7024: Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024
• Reinstates the 100% bonus depreciation for purchased assets.
• Increases child tax credits.

S.1838/H.R.3881: The Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA)
• Aims to regulate the credit card market.
• Many businesses absorb processing fees as a cost of doing business expense. In 2022, U.S. retailers paid $126 billion in swipe fees.

H.R. 6655: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
• Addresses the nation’s work force shortages.

S.1649/H.R. 3013: The License Act of 2023 & H.R 471: The SHIP it Act
• Targets the strengthening of the U.S supply chain due to an estimated 80,000 CDL driver shortfall is expected in 2024.

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TJ Shaheen, Executive Vice President, Builders’ General Supply:
tj.shaheen@buildersgeneral.com – LinkedIn
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Craig Webb, Webb Analytics

Advocacy Meeting: Congressman Dr. Jeff Van Drew @jeffvandrew (Second District, NJ)

Pictured Left to Right (Nick Kuiken-Kuiken Brothers @kuikenbrothers, Bryan Jaeger-Jaeger Lumber @JaegerLumber, Dr. Jeff Van Drew-U.S. Congressman @jeffvandrew , Steve Gerard-Reeb Millwork @reebmillwork, Darren Dimedio-Universal Supply @universalsupply, TJ Shaheen-Builders General @buildersgeneral). ABMA #NRLA #NJBMD

Advocacy Meeting: Congressman Thomas Kean, Jr. @TomKean (Seventh District, NJ)

Pictured Left to Right (Philip Jagiela-NRLA @nrla, TJ Shaheen-Builders’ General @buildersgeneral, Congressman Tom Kean Jr., @TomKean, Nick Kuiken-Kuiken Brothers @kuikenbrothers , Steve Gerard-Reeb Millwork @reebmillwork , Darren Dimedio-Universal Supply @universalsupply, Bryan Jaeger-Jaeger Lumber @JaegerLumber).