Celebrating 14 Employees with 30+ Years of Employment at Builders’ General

We want to highlight some of our rockstars — 14 of them, in fact. These employees have each given us over 30 years of dedication and commitment. They are a shining example of how exceptional our people perform in the lumber and building materials industry.

It’s only because of our hard-working employees across all of our locations, manufacturers and customers trust us with their building supply needs. Builders’ General has serviced our customers in the NJ building materials industry for 90 years, and that wouldn’t be possible without these dedicated employees — who have a combined 488 years of experience! 

 Builders’ General Freehold Location

Forklift operator Rolando Lancero Jr. and Sales Team Member Steph Osieczonek at our Freehold Location in New JerseyL to R: Rolando Lancero Jr. and Steph Osieczonek at our Freehold Location

Rolando Lancero Jr. and Steph Osieczonek both work at our Freehold location. Rolando’s our forklift operator and has worked with Builders’ General for over 33 years, while Steph grew his career as a yard associate and, with hustle, to a yard foreman and then joined our sales team. He has over 35 years… and we are very proud of both him and Rolando!

One of the greatest points of pride at Builders’ General is our culture of high-performing, motivated people who love coming to work. From our forklift drivers to our sales team members, our people are the true force behind our company’s expertise and impeccable customer care. Steph and Rolando prove that all of our team members work together thanks to our culture — or is it that our culture is so good because of our team members? We’ll let you decide. Either way, our team is galvanizing because they work together. 

 Builders’ General Edison Location 

Dispatcher Carmen Petrillo in front of Builders’ General Edison Location in New JerseyCarmen Petrillo at our Edison Location

Carmen Petrillo is the reliable dispatcher at our Edison location, a vital responsibility at Builders’ General, relaying communications between our drivers and our customers. With Carmen on our team, we are able to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times, resulting in on-time and efficient deliveries to our customers.

Having started as inside counter sales over 30 years ago, we are thankful for his loyalty and passion every day. 

Topilow Development, a satisfied customer, had this to say about Carmen and the rest of the Edison team:

“I purchase almost all of my building materials from Builders’ General Supply. As a new home builder and general contractor, their service is a pivotal part of my business. Not only are the deliveries timely, but the staff at the Edison location also goes above and beyond to make sure my day-to-day needs are met.”

 Builders’ General Toms River Location

Builders' General employees standing in front of Builders’ General supply truck at our Toms River Location	Builders' General employees standing in front of Builders’ General supply truck at our Toms River LocationL to R: Larry Ferraro, Patsy Covello Jr. and Bryan Jones at our Tom Rivers Location

Lawrence Ferraro, who goes by Larry, is a master merchandiser at our Tom Rivers location and has been with us for over 34 years. Larry ensures our on-hand inventory is always accurate so we can better serve our customers and have what you want when you need it. Our business couldn’t operate without his precise forecasting, planning and stock level monitoring.

Patsy Covello is our expert forklift operator and has called Builders’ General home for 31 years. He accurately and reliably picks lumber loads for our builders day in and day out for their material needs, and devotedly prioritizes safety to protect all of our family while on the job. Which, by the way, includes his son, Todd, working with him side by side for 27 years!

Bryan Jones, who will soon be celebrating 34 years with our organization, is an essential part of our team. Bryan started with us as a yard associate and soon grew into managing our Andersen warehouse. The time was right for him to transition into our Outside Sales Team, supporting our customers in the field and he has been excelling ever since. 

The true cornerstone of Builders’ General is our passion for offering a complete line of premium building products and services, paired with competitive pricing and reliable, honest service. This is made possible by the dedicated work of our family, and our reputation wouldn’t be what it is without the committed drive and passion demonstrated by Larry, Patsy and Bryan.

 Builders’ General Little Silver Location

Builders’ General employees standing in front of Builders' General supply store in New Jersey at our Toms River Location

L to R: Phil Libbin, Tom Ankiewicz, Jim Porcelli, Dan Brister, Cindy Jones, Mike Hendrickson, Mike English and Dave Holman

Phil Libbin, our Little Silver yard foreman, just celebrated 30 years with Builders’ General. Phil helps supervise our yard operations for safety, quality and efficiency. He assists with inventory management in the yard, loading/unloading of trucks and making sure we have the right men on the roster to get the job done day in and day out.

Tom Ankiewicz, Mike Hendrickson and Dave Holmon headline our all-star lineup on our Outside Sales Team. Our outside sales team is dedicated to our builders, providing them with numerous reasons why big-box home improvement centers aren’t the place to shop. Tom, Mike and Dave each have over 30 years of experience, performing like well-rounded athletes as front-facing experts. Their relationships with their customers are solid gold. And those customers know that we’ve always got their back!

James Porcelli is our champion forklift operator at our Little Silver location. Jimmy is one of our most dedicated employees and the longest tenured with 43 years of commitment to Builders’ General! Our lumberyard couldn’t operate without Jimmy, and we are so grateful that he’s decided to spend so much time with our company. 

Michael English, an employee of over 34 years, started with us in the kitchen and bath industry. His extensive experience allows us to efficiently get the job done and bring customers’ visions to life. Because of his success in starting our kitchen business as one man with an idea, one man has grown into a department with 12 designers across all of our locations.

Cynthia Jones, our Senior Purchasing Manager, has grown a spectacular career with Builders’ General over the 35 years she has been with us. Cindy, who once ran our Little Silver location as an Operations Manager, now works tirelessly to keep our yards filled with the appropriate materials to help us delight our customers — both old and new. Cindy bleeds BGS red and blue and always has our back. And we love her for that!

Dan Brister, our Assistant Purchasing Manager, works closely with Cindy. For over 39 years, he’s kept meticulous records, maintained our growing inventory, reviewed our purchase orders and closely monitored our shipments and deliveries so we can keep ensuring efficient deliveries. Dan also grew from a yard associate to yard foreman to head dispatcher and then into a vital role within our Purchasing Department. You can always count on Dan to be there for us.

When you’ve been in business for nearly nine decades like us, you attract a lot of lifelong employees who have accumulated enormous amounts of knowledge and experience. Because of our collaborative culture, our team members are passionate about sharing that knowledge with new staffers, our customers and our communities. Our Little Silver employees are shining examples of that culture at work.

Join Our Family at Builders’ General

At Builders’ General, we value and empower our employees. We are committed to making Builders’ General a safe, inclusive and exciting place to work. We are so thankful for all of our employees and are so proud to foster an environment where people want to dedicate 30+ years of employment to our company. 

Our commitment to employee retention, happiness and satisfaction has stood the test of time and created a strong foundation that supports our distinguished reputation in the building materials industry.

Interested in learning more about open job opportunities at Builders’ General? Visit our new Careers page on our Builders’ General website. We can’t wait to meet you!