10 Steps To Planning Your 2019 Kitchen Remodel

The most popular room in the house to renovate, and kitchen renovations are big job, both in terms of the amount of work that gets done and the cost of the project.

There are many decisions you’ll need to make along the way, everything from cabinetry, surfaces, finishes, appliances and extras (including storage, fixtures, appliances, wine coolers, etc).

Before you proceed with hiring a contractor and begin tearing down walls, review out our important list of considerations below. You’ll want to set a budget, figure out exactly what you want, and identify your timeline and plan how it’ll all fit together.

#1. Get Your Budget Set
You’ll need to be realistic about costs and what’s involved in your kitchen renovation prior to project kickoff.

#2. Do the Research
Get your inspiration online. There you can get ideas of styles, colors and layout you want along with ideas of the costs. Then head to one of our five locations for a complimentary expert design session and see, touch and experience the good, better and best cabinetry d accessories today.

#3. Plan for The Unexpected
Don’t forget to tack on another 10%-20% to your initial budget to accommodate unplanned expenses.

#4. Quality Comes First
When it comes to kitchen renovations, you want high-quality and functional items that’ll last for years to come. Purchase the best materials you can afford within your budget. This will significantly increase potential resale value when you go to sell your house in the future. If possible, don’t skimp on products and materials.

#5. Skip Unnecessary Items
Don’t go overboard with fancy gadgets and extra appliances. It’s always better to stick with the reliable basics that you know you’ll use regularly. Be practical about what you need and what are “extras” or “wish list” items.

#6. Plan Your Layout Carefully
More so than any other space in your home, the layout of your kitchen needs to be both practical and functional. How do you use your existing kitchen space? What is working for you and what needs improvement? Identify priorities and what changes need to be made to maximize your remodeled space. Give considerable thought to your layout to figure out what’ll work best for your home. Make use of the kitchen work triangle. This means arranging your stove, fridge and sink (the thee items you use most frequently) in a triangular pattern for the most convenient setup. Another thing to consider – how many people will use your kitchen at the same time? If it’s multiple people, you may want to consider incorporating more than one workstation or a kitchen island.

Important Questions to Ask:
• How do you move in your kitchen space?
• How does the space accommodate your cooking routine?
• Can more than one person cook in the space?
• Can you easily navigate from your oven to your sink?

Our kitchen remodeling experts will ensure things are laid out properly and safely. They can also make recommendations to help you plan for convenience.

#7 Countertop Space
As a good rule of thumb, you’ll need at least 35 inches of counter space to accommodate your food preparation. If you cook frequently, you’ll require more counter space, typically between your oven and skink.

#8. Traffic Flow
Leave enough floor space in front of your refrigerator, oven, etc. so the doors can be opened and people can still walk in front of them. For walkways, you’ll want to maximize traffic flow. People should be able to easily walk through the kitchen space without disrupting anyone at the counters.

#9. Communication Is Key
Do some initial homework and make a list of all your requirements for your kitchen redesign. Discuss all of your must haves and would likes our kitchen design experts to ensure the new dream kitchen is planned out in a way that maximizes convenience and ease of movement for your family.

Once you know what you need, want, and what you can afford, it’s then time to hire a contractor and kick of your kitchen redesign project.

#10. Stick to It!
Once you have your plan finalized, stick to it and don’t get caught up in the excitement of the project and take on a whole bunch of additional projects. Also, don’t let yourself get talked into additions that are unwanted and unneeded.

Kitchen Remodeling Experts in New Jersey – We’ve Got You Covered

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